About Laplace Insights

Why We Deliver Data-Intelligent Investment Strategies for Advisors

Our Vision is Deeply Rooted in Technology

Laplace Insights was founded by Jean-Marc Patenaude out of his lifelong passion for finding a better and safer way to invest. A machine learning, data scientist and electrical engineer, Jean-Marc has a clear vision to deliver data-intelligent investment strategies to investment advisors that take the emotion out of investing decisions while protecting client portfolios during unpredictable markets.

Laplace Insights partners with registered investment advisors, institutions and family offices to effectively introduce investors to these strategies while providing the transparency and insights that modern investors demand. In turn, advisors can implement the strategies in their clients’ portfolios while also sharing these insights with their clients. These data-intelligent yet simple insights help foster a deeper level of exchange between advisor and client and, over time, further help develop trust and a deeper relationship with each client.

Columbus, our Flagship Investment Strategy

Columbus is an innovative data-intelligent investment strategy built for the needs of investment advisors who manage the portfolios of high net worth individuals. Powered by the Laplace AI Platform, Columbus uses momentum and volatility along with correlations to find funds within a universe of low cost, highly liquid ETFs, each representing one of the world’s major asset classes. Columbus trades once a month while providing insights into what’s happening behind the scenes in all the major global markets and asset classes. It protects from extreme loss during bear markets while capturing upside during bull markets. Through the implementation of easily understood, low-cost ETFs, Columbus fits into any advisor’s solution set.

What Makes us Different ?

At Laplace Insights, we leverage innovative technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop our investment strategies, insights, and communication tools. We design our investment strategies to be resilient and robust, while providing relatively stable returns over the long run. We perform extensive statistical validation of our strategies to ensure a consistent level of performance over a wide range of different market conditions. 

Although we will never claim to predict the future using our platform, we do perform extensive statistical analysis of the past and thus provide data-intelligent, objective guidance that is useful for the future. All this with the goal of reducing investment uncertainties and gaining a clearer understanding of what’s happening in the markets, above and beyond the frenzy of daily news.

The History of our Name

Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplace was a mathematician and astronomer. His work was pivotal for the advancement of modern probabilities and statistics, which continues to be highly relevant in numerous fields today, including data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. By naming ourselves after Laplace, we strive to honor his contributions to modern mathematics in a way that is practical and relevant to individual investors and their advisors.

Pierre Simon Marquis de Laplace

Mathematician, Astronomer, and Physicist


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