The Team

Jean-Marc Patenaude

CEO & VP of Technology

Jean-Marc Patenaude is a data scientist and industry expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Trained as an electrical engineer, he lived in Silicon Valley for 20 years where he founded three technology startups and entrepreneurial projects, and developed some of the most advanced technologies found at the core of today’s Internet. 

Jean-Marc learned the wisdom of low risk investing early in his investing career. He purchased his first stock three weeks prior to the 1987 stock market crash when he lost most of his investment. In the late 1990’s, he was working in technology in Silicon Valley and experienced the heady gains of the 1999 dotcom bubble, followed by the dramatic wipe-out when that bubble burst. 

These life experiences, combined with his passion for investing and his affinity for mastering the most advanced technologies culminated in the birth of the Columbus project in late 2013. Today, Columbus is the result of years of technical and experimental research in financial time series data analysis, applied machine learning and predictive modeling.

Jean-Marc holds a dozen U.S. and European patents, a BASc in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo and a masters degree in electronics from Carleton University. He also attended two executive programs in business strategy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He currently lives with his wife and family in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada.

Pierre-Claude Roy

VP of Customer Experience

Pierre-Claude started his marketing and customer satisfaction career in the retail industry in 1994.  From the very beginning, he leveraged the power of the Internet even before it became commonplace in the industry.

Pierre-Claude previously ran a firm focused on creating systems to enhance the online customer experience for its clients.  He helped a long list of startups and more established firms at improving their online user experience using state-of-the-art web technology.

He started investing at the end of 2007 when he achieved enviable success with his personal portfolio.  Then came the Financial Crisis in 2008 which taught him an important lesson about risk management.  To this day, this experience has convinced him that long term investment success comes more from active risk management than excelling at picking stocks.

At Laplace Insights, he achieves his passion by delivering a compelling user experience for investment advisors and their clients, making advanced AI technology and research both approachable and relevant to every investor.

Valerie Marquis

VP of Customer Success

Valerie started her career during the dotcom crash as a financial advisor at Investors Group.  She later joined BMO as an investment specialist, a position she held through the challenging period surrounding the financial crisis.  She then joined National Bank as product specialist for the Quebec East region, and later led a team of advisors at SunLife to help them regain market share in their respective territories.  An accomplished entrepreneur, she also runs her own independent financial advisory firm serving high net worth individuals and families.

As a financial advisor who experienced many market situations, Valerie fully understands the challenges independent advisors face in today’s competitive marketplace.  By leveraging her extensive background in the business, she helps our customers map out the best way to integrate Laplace’s products into their business, helping them grow their client base and retain existing clients for the long run.   

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