It is my pleasure to send you this month’s Columbus Strategy Report.  Below you will find some of the key highlights.  Download the report to find out more (including the detailed monthly allocations) by clicking the button at the end of this message.

Columbus December 2017 Key Highlights

  • Columbus is now up 10.5% since live trading started in April.
  • It continues to be in a “risk-on” situation, with the bulk of its allocations in equity markets.
  • Columbus made an allocation to DBC last month, an ETF representing the commodities complex.  This was an important allocation shift because commodities have been in a multi-year bear market until very recently.
  • Columbus is further increasing its allocation to DBC for the upcoming month as the turnaround in commodities appears to be gaining momentum.
  • Meanwhile, exposure to international developed markets (EFA) is reduced while small-cap stocks (VXF) are further emphasized.
  • Emerging markets (VWO) and Japanese equities continue to be well represented as they have been for some time now.
  • In summary, a shift in market leadership seems to be happening right now where traditionally riskier asset classes are further emphasized, including commodities and small-cap stocks, while Columbus is maintaining its near maximum allocation to emerging markets.

To learn more on how Columbus navigates this market, please download the report and read the discussion in section 6.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any feedback or suggestions.  I’m always looking for ways to improve our service.  Enjoy!

Best regards,

Jean-Marc and the Laplace Insights team

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