Market Volatility Update

Markets have experienced a sudden increase in volatility over the past week.  Some subscribers have been asking about Columbus and what we can expect going forward.  Please find below a special report that discusses these issues along with past situations when Columbus experienced similar market crises.

Feel free to share this report with your clients as it may help them gain a better understanding of what can be expected and, as a bonus, perhaps help them sleep better at night!

Please, download the Special Market Update to read the details

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Best regards,

Jean-Marc and the Laplace Insights team

Backtesting Strategies & Overfitting

Strategy backtesting is often used to test an investment strategy from historical stock or ETF information (usually price).  The belief is that if a strategy performed well in the past, then it should continue to perform well in the future.

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