Columbus Investment Strategy

Protect client wealth to deliver positive long-term outcomes

A Data-Intelligent Investment Strategy for Advisors

The long running bull market has been great for client portfolios, but recent market volatility and global instability has made investment decisions increasingly emotional.

Advisors must be stay calm and reassuring in the face of tremendous uncertainty and look for innovative solutions to protect clients’ long-term wealth. In addition, they need to be incredibly transparent and show clients exactly where their money is going. How can you demonstrate innovation and expertise to retain and grow your client base in the face of tremendous uncertainty?

Columbus is an innovative data-intelligent investment strategy built for the needs of registered investment advisors who manage high-net-worth individuals. Columbus is engineered to protect from extreme loss during bear markets while capturing upsides during bull markets. Through the implementation of easily understood, low-cost ETFs, Columbus fits into any advisor’s investment solution set.

Columbus benefits your clients by:

  • Eliminating human biases and emotions from investment decisions
  • Adding resilience to a diversified portfolio
  • Delivering compelling returns and stability over the long term

Why Columbus is

A Robust Data-Intelligent Strategy 100% Powered by Statistical Signals

Columbus is built on the Laplace Insights Platform, which is 100% algorithm based. Unlike most investment strategies, Columbus combines the intelligence of data with the analytical power of robust statistical methods. Because Columbus is based on facts — not opinions — it helps remove emotions from investment decisions. During turbulent periods or uncertain times, Columbus allocates prudently to protect investor’s wealth, while also taking advantage of equity markets upside during good times

Low Cost, Highly Liquid ETFs

Once a month, Columbus allocates a portfolio of up to 8 ETFs chosen from a universe of 15 of the most liquid, low costs passive ETFs available on the market. This approach keeps costs down for your clients while ensuring a high degree of liquidity and ease of trade. You also benefit from the transparency offered by passively managed ETFs, as their holdings are well explained in their respective prospectuses.

Investment in Multiple Global Asset Classes

Columbus continuously balances market risks and opportunities. During more volatile periods, Columbus allocates to asset classes other than equities, such as cash, fixed-income, gold, or real estate assets. This makes it uncorrelated to equities when it matters the most — during the riskiest periods in global stock markets.

Actionable Monthly Data-Intelligent Reports

With your subscription, you receive monthly reports with meaningful information to help you manage your client’s portfolios. This report includes several charts and a discussion to better understand how the algorithm made its emotion-free, data-intelligent allocation decisions in the context of current events. You also receive timely special reports during important market events to help you with your client discussions.

Affordable, Subscription-Based Pricing

Columbus is easy to try with a flexible ongoing commitment. Monthly subscriptions are as low $150 per month and can be cancelled at any time.

Columbus’ Proven Track Record in Protecting Investor Wealth

Columbus’ performance speaks for itself. Above is a summary of its simulated performance between March 1998 to March 2017 and its live performance from that point on to September 2018. Most importantly, Columbus delivered positive returns and helped absorb declines during:

  • Dotcom crash
  • 2008 Financial Crisis
  • December 2018 volatility

This inverse correlation to equities during bear markets helps stabilize client portfolios and protect them long term. 

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