Columbus Investment Strategy

A High Value Investment Strategy for Advisors

Columbus is a fully algorithmic, data-driven investment strategy built to complement a diversified investment portfolio. It adapts its portfolio every month using some of the largest, most liquid and cost-effective ETFs publicly available. These passive ETFs also provide full transparency so you know exactly what’s in the portfolio 100% of the time.

Columbus benefits your clients by:

  • Eliminating human biases and emotions from investment decisions
  • Adding resilience to a diversified portfolio
  • Delivering compelling returns and stability over the long term

Stable Returns over Time

During turbulent periods or uncertain times, Columbus allocates prudently to protect investor’s wealth, while also taking advantage of equity markets upside during good times.

Columbus delivered positive returns during both the Dotcom crash and the Financial Crisis, while also producing compelling returns during bull markets. 

By protecting wealth during protracted bear markets, Columbus delivers lower volatility while also improving returns over the long run.


Protecting Your Client’s Wealth

During turbulent periods, Columbus allocates to asset classes other than equities, such as cash, fixed-income or real assets. This makes it uncorrelated to equities when it matters the most, during the riskiest periods in global stock markets.

For example, Columbus outperformed during the worst of the Financial Crisis by greatly reducing its allocation to equities as early as August 2007, allowing it to produce positive returns during the time frame.

Better Client Dialogues with Data Intelligent Insights

With your subscription, you get the Columbus Strategy Report once a month with the information you need to help you manage your client’s portfolios. This includes:

  • The upcoming month’s ETF recommended allocation. The report specifies up to 8 ETFs from a list of 15 along with their recommended allocation weights.
  • Several charts to understand how the algorithm made its emotion-free, data-driven allocation decisions.
  • A discussion section to help you understand Columbus’ data-driven decisions in the context of current events.
  • You also receive timely special reports during important market events to help you with your client discussions.

Uses 15 of the Most Liquid ETFs Available

Once a month, Columbus allocates a portfolio of up to 8 ETFs chosen from a universe of 15 of the most liquid, low costs passive ETFs available on the market.  This keeps costs down for your clients while ensuring a high degree of liquidity.  You also benefit from the transparency offered by passively managed ETFs, as their holdings are well explained in their respective prospectuses.

The table below shows all ETF used by the Columbus Strategy. 

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