The Global Investment Report

Machine Learning Based Analysis

Published and sent to you on the last trading day of the month.

Financial analysis built on more than 100 000 financials signals, and 120 years of market data.

Provides actionable and emotions free market insights

Global ETF Allocation Strategy

Recommends allocations within a set of 15 low cost ETFs, each representing an asset class.

Gain intelligence on the most relevant market forces currently at play.

Augment your existing research and use the insights to adjust the tactical portion of client portfolios.

S&P 500 Sector Insights

Predicts relative attractiveness for the next month for all 11 sectors of the S&P 500 using advanced machine learning.

Use it to overweight or underweight sectors and improve performance relative to the S&P 500.

Investment Intelligence Powered By Human Engineering

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" I've been very impressed by the comprehensive approach used to ensure the algorithm is robust under a wide range of market situations. The depth of analysis and statistical rigor gives me the confidence I need to use it with my clients. "

Michael Himmel, Partner, Beacon Pointe Advisors