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  • The Monthly Columbus Report
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Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, of course! All we ask is a 30-day advance notice so we can process your request.

What kind of client-facing information do you provide?

The Columbus Monthly Strategy Report contains a lot of information, including insights on the state of the market with some explanations on how Columbus arrived at its current asset allocations. You can share some of this information with your clients should you wish to do so.

Similarly, our exclusive market analyses can also be shared with your clients.

In addition to these reports, you will get some slides that show specific historical market situations as well as general promotional material, all of which you are free to share with clients or prospects.

When will I receive the reports?

The Columbus Strategy Report is sent on the evening two market days before the end of each month so you can use it to trade on the last day of the month. When market conditions warrant it, we also send special reports at mid-months.

I am NOT a Registered Investment Advisor. Can I still subscribe?

Unfortunately no.

We provide our research services solely for licensed investment advisors in the United States and Canada. If you are interested in our services but are not licensed, we suggest you contact and mention us to your investment advisor. Your advisor can then contact us and try out our services.

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