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The best institutional funds use AI. You can too.

Laplace Insights subscribers get a concise and clear report full of predictive and actionable insights fully generated by our AI platform PSimon.

It includes over/under weight recommendations and a simple allocation model to help advisors manage and monitor their client portfolios. 

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Unparalleled research in AI

The best institutional funds perform with AI and machine learning. Take advantage of this same technology, based on:

Drive your growth

Laplace Insights supports advisors in their growth. An informed view of the markets leads to better returns and a more satisfied clientele.

" I've been very impressed by the comprehensive approach used to ensure the algorithm is robust under a wide range of market situations. The depth of analysis and statistical rigor gives me the confidence I need to use it with my clients. "

- Michael Himmel, Partner, Beacon Pointe Advisors

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