Portfolio Management

Passive Allocation Helps but Only Goes so Far

Key Take-Aways from This Article We show the benefits and limitations of a passive asset allocation We show how Columbus improves client portfolio performance by adding an active component to an otherwise passive asset allocation We highlight the psychological benefits this can create for your clients Introduction The equity market outlook often changes quickly, without warnings and sometimes for the

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Backtesting Strategies & Overfitting

Strategy backtesting is often used to test an investment strategy from historical stock or ETF information (usually price).  The belief is that if a strategy performed well in the past, then it should continue to perform well in the future.

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Standard Deviation as a Measure of Risk

There are many ways to measure and assess risk in an investment.  The standard deviation is one such way and it measures how much returns change over a period.  This is also known as the volatility of returns.

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