About Laplace Insights

Laplace Insights was founded by Jean-Marc Patenaude out of his lifelong passion to figure out a better and safer way to invest.  His vision is to leverage the best and most advanced technologies available to develop investment strategies that benefit ordinary investors.  These strategies are offered to investors through their advisors.
The Columbus™ strategy is Laplace Insights’ flagship investment strategy.  It allocates funds within a universe of low cost, highly liquid ETFs, each representing one of the world’s major asset class.  It trades once a month and provides insights into what’s happening behind the scenes in all the major global markets and asset classes.
Jean-Marc Patenaude

About our Founder

Originally trained as an electrical engineer, Jean-Marc Patenaude is a data scientist and industry expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence.  He lived in Silicon Valley for 20 years where he founded three technology startups and entrepreneurial projects, and developed some of the most advanced technologies found at the core of today’s Internet. He purchased his first stock three weeks prior to the 1987 stock market crash, experienced first-hand the 1999 dot-com bubble hype, and then lost his fortune in the ensuing crash.  These life experiences, along with his passion for investing and his affinity for quickly mastering the most advanced technologies culminated in the birth of the Columbus project in late 2013.  Today the Columbus platform is the result of years of technical and experimental research in financial time series data analysis, applied machine learning and predictive modeling.

Mr. Patenaude holds a dozen U.S. and European patents, a BASc in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo and a M.Eng in electronics from Carleton University.  He also attended two executive programs in business strategy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  He currently lives with his wife and two beautiful daughters in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada.

Why Laplace Insights?

Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplace (1749 – 1827) was a mathematician and astronomer. His work was pivotal for the advancement of modern statistics and probabilities, which continue to be highly relevant in numerous fields today including some of the most complex computer algorithms and artificial intelligence applications in investing.

Laplace made many foundational contributions to the world of mathematics, many of which are highly relevant today in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  By naming ourselves after Laplace, we hope to honor his contributions to modern mathematics in a way that is practical and relevant to individual investors and their advisors.

Pierre-Simon de Laplace
Pierre-Simon de Laplace