Alpha Signals

Pinpoint opportunities. Avoid the noise.

Beat your benchmark.

Meet PSIMON: our purpose-built machine-learning engine that explores every corner of your distinct investment universe, separating reliable alpha signal from noise, and quantifies conviction — even in fast‑changing markets.
Improving your near-term hit rate — more wins and fewer losses – makes all the difference for long‑term outperformance.
Designed for quant-minded portfolio managers and their analysts, PSIMON evaluates current markets, comparing your investment universe to your benchmark, helping you decide when to act and when to stay the course.


Alpha Detection

Identify anomalies; determine which are reliable & exploitable

Conviction Scoring

Get a precise view of probability, risk & opportunity

Tailored to Your Mandate

Alpha signals, tuned specifically to your investment universe & benchmark

Respond to Market Change

Our advanced machine learning reacts quickly to regime changes & structural breaks

Perfect for Your Process

Our predictive analytics — delivered via API , web app and Excel— augment your investment process, adding near-term tools to your long-term thesis. PSIMON helps you quickly identify and evaluate emerging opportunities among your favourite investment themes, and — importantly — steer clear of negative‑value trades.


Alpha Signals will help you outperform. Let us show you how.

Performant Alpha Signals, Built Right.

PSIMON’s unique machine-learning pipeline, developed over 6 years in partnership with leading university researchers — goes far beyond re-packaged, general purpose algorithms.

We realize that every asset behaves differently; every manager has a unique investment style and universe.

Easily tuned to your mandate, PSIMON is engineered to navigate today’s constantly changing markets.

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