Predictive Insights

The advantage your clients have been waiting for.

Actionable AI-Driven insights to help smart advisors manage tomorrow’s market, today.

Emotion-Free Global Asset Recommendations

Our monthly report recommends over- or under-weighting 15 global asset classes and 11 industrial sectors based on 1000+ signals and behavioral insights from 100,000+ financial events.

Cutting-Edge Machine Learning Algorithms

Our multidisciplinary team of financial experts, engineers and computer scientists have spent six years developing technology comparable to that being used by the best institutional funds.

Fits your Existing Investment Process

Delivered as a PDF like traditional market research, use our insights and recommendations to sharpen your investment decisions and allocate / rebalance with confidence.

It’s a world of uncertainty and risks. Or is it?

The world’s best institutional funds use AI to manage with confidence.  You can, too.

Unpredictable markets, high valuations and negative real yields create an urgent need for the same signals and clarity for investment advisors and their clients.  Our monthly report provides you with actionable insights on how to manage your client’s core portfolio for more upside and less risk.

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Advanced AI to empower advisors, not displace them

Predictive AI doesn’t have to be complicated.

Laplace Insights subscribers get a concise and clear report full of predictive and actionable insights, delivered monthly.  It includes over/under weight recommendations and a simple allocation model to help advisors manage and monitor their client portfolios.

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"Your AI platform acts like radar that identifies hidden opportunities and anomalies in the market. It adds a new dimension to my process, complementing my existing quantitative, fundamental and technical analyses. "

Frederick Proteau, CPA, CA, PM

Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor at RBC

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Helping you help your clients

At Laplace, our mission is to help advisors grow their business: clearer vision produces better returns which leads to happier clients.

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