Beat your benchmark.

Boost performance with our institutional-grade Alpha Signals, tuned to your investment universe & mandate thanks to advanced machine learning.

Our Alpha Signals help you identify exactly when and where you can diverge from your benchmark to generate reliable alpha. 

Our purpose-built machine learning platform, PSIMON, detects market anomalies early, providing data-rich forecasts — with our unique conviction scoring — so you can act quickly and decisively.

Near-term insights for long‑term performance

PSIMON provides near-term clarity for your long-term outlook, helping you decide exactly when to act and when to wait. PSIMON’s advanced algorithms deliver higher hit rates by helping you choose the right assets, at the right time.

Enhance your existing workflow

Every experienced portfolio manager/team has spent years developing their own process; you need solutions that fit in. Our Alpha Signals — accessible via API, web app or Excel — leave you in control… but armed with enhanced, statistical clarity and conviction.

Alpha Signals: Features

Learn how our advanced forecasting data helps you generate reliable alpha



your AI SuperAnalyst

Unlike most AI solutions, PSIMON’s algorithms are engineered to understand evolving financial markets, recognize exploitable anomalies, and evaluate risks. PSIMON is also designed to be flexible — adaptable to a wide range of investment models and strategies. 

PSIMON is no rookie; our platform was developed over more than 6 years in partnership with leading university researchers; and trained on millions of historical financial and market scenarios.