Market Insights from
Machine Intelligence

Investment Strategies
for Financial Advisors

A Robust, Data-Intelligent Investment Strategy

Market Insights

Monthly data intelligence report provides insights on asset allocation

Understand how the strategy adapts in good and turbulent market

Share insights with your clients

Adapts to Market Realities

Continuously balances market risks and opportunities

Captures asset class uptrends while staying away from risks

Positive returns during both dot-com crash and financial crisis

Easy to Implement

Uses low cost, highly liquid ETFs

Easy to implement in a client portfolio

Adjust portfolio holdings once a month for simplicity

Built for Investment Advisors

The world of investment management is changing for the better. Recent advances in FinTech and artificial intelligence can provide timely insights into market risks and opportunities. These insights, combined with an advisor’s trusted guidance, can make a world of difference to investors, their perception of the markets and the performance of their portfolio.

Advisors make two important pledges to their clients

  • Always put their client’s best interests first
  • Become their client’s trusted coach and confidant regarding their personal financial matters.

Supporting the Advisor’s Pledges

We bring investment advisors the best that technology can offer to help create the finest service for their clients. We deliver data intelligent market insights to be used in the advisor’s practice along with an investment strategy that implements these insights very precisely using ETFs. The combination of data intelligence, insights and strategy gives advisors an important tool to further build client trust and augment their conversations during client meetings.

These insights help sweep away the noise of daily financial news and stay focused on what truly matters: the client’s financial future, and how to get there.

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