Allocate Using Advanced ML

Monthly report allocates 15 ETFs and ranks 11 S&P500 sectors using advanced machine learning (ML)

Holdings are 100% transparent and distributed across all major asset classes

Commentary on ML factors driving allocations provides unique insights to share with clients

Navigate Uncertain Markets

Dynamically shift in and out of riskier assets based on emotion-free signals rooted in award-winning science

Manage drawdowns during volatile markets while capturing upside during stable bull markets

Benefit from an ensemble of quant, macro, credit, fundamental and behavioral models

Platform Improves Over Time

Our cloud-based machine analyzes 1000+ signals using several models trained on 100,000+ financial events

Proprietary stress-testing methods ensure models perform in most extreme scenarios

Platform discovers new drivers and relationships while  adapting to new data every month

Why Consider Laplace Insights

Laplace Insights brings to investment advisors the best that technology can offer with our Laplace AI platform, to help create the finest service for your clients. By combining the intelligence of data with the analytical power of robust statistical methods, we help you sweep away the noise of daily financial news and stay focused on what truly matters: the client’s financial future and how to get there.


 " Thank you for consistently providing such well thought out analyses. The way things are explained and illustrated go above and beyond what I expect. This is very helpful for me and my practice. "