AI Powered Investment Strategies for Financial Advisors

Reliable Market Insights Generated by our Laplace AI Machine Intelligence Platform 

Delivers Actionable Market Insights

  • Monthly data-intelligent reports with details on asset allocation.
  • Clear explanations on how the strategy adapts in the current market.
  • Informative talking points to share with clients.

Adapts to Different Market Realities

  • Market risks and opportunities are balanced continuously.
  • Moving to safe assets across global classes during volatile markets.
  • Capturing stock market upside when all is clear.

Provides Monthly Portfolio Adjustments

  • Using  low cost, highly liquid ETFs.
  • Transparent holdings 100% of the time.
  • Full control to use as a sleeve to complement core holdings.

Why You Should Consider

You face unrealistic expectations from clients. In today’s volatile markets that are hard to predict, they want you to deliver outsized gains while avoiding any loss, an impossible task.

Laplace Insights brings to investment advisors the best that technology can offer with our Laplace AI platform, to help create the finest service for your clients. By combining the intelligence of data with the analytical power of robust statistical methods, we help you sweep away the noise of daily financial news and stay focused on what truly matters: the client’s financial future and how to get there.

Get started now to begin protecting your clients’ portfolios for the long term.


 " Thank you for consistently providing such well thought out analyses. The way things are explained and illustrated go above and beyond what I expect. This is very helpful for me and my practice. "

Matthew Pixa


President - RIA My Portfolio Guide

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