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Laplace Columbus Portfolio
Based on analysis from PSIMON, our institutional-grade AI platform, our monthly Investment Strategies & Outlook is a comprehensive, monthly report that delivers actionable recommendations that you can put to work immediately, without any complex configuration. Let PSIMON show you how and where to overweight or underweight your clients’ portfolios for the coming weeks, across a broad range of asset classes and sectors.

This detailed monthly outlook covers (i) a global macro strategy and (ii) a low-volatility ESG strategy, including allocation updates to each model portfolio, which are built from established, low-cost ETFs.


Easy-to-execute, client-friendly strategies: use PSIMON’s predictive allocations to re-balance monthly for outperformance, using common, low‑cost ETFs

Dynamic Global Macro

Covering a broad set of major asset classes, including fixed income, with monthly re-balancing and managed volatility

Low-Volatility ESG

Built from a strategic selection of ESG-rated ETFs, give your clients a portfolio designed to outperform a traditional 60/40 portfolio


designed for more impact, in fewer trades

Assess relative attractiveness across sectors and asset classes

Detailed asset allocation recommendations, updated monthly

Predictive market calls: identify opportunities and threats early

Thoughtful analysis gives context to PSIMON’s data‑driven output

More actionable strategies for portfolio managers, coming soon

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Using PSIMON in Your Practice

Some portfolio managers use PSIMON’s analysis to compare to their own, leveraging PSIMON’s insights to adjust their strategy; others follow PSIMON’s Columbus & ESG portfolios more closely, keeping their clients’ core portfolio allocations in line with PSIMON’s.

Either way, PSIMON is here to help you dynamically allocate, with confidence and simplicity. PSIMON understands what portfolio managers—and their clients—need: consistent outperformance without undue risk, in as few trades as possible, and free from the emotional biases that lead to poor returns.

PSIMON helps you tune out the noise and focus on where markets are headed, from one month to the next

Discover PSIMON: Institutional-Grade AI, Built for Portfolio Managers

We built PSIMON to democratize portfolio AI, giving advisors access to sophisticated AI used by the world’s most elite hedge funds and institutions. PSIMON is the product of over 6 years of development, working with top academic researchers, data-science labs, software engineers and financial experts.

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Get a Free Trial to Our
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