AI + Your Strategies = Outperformance

PSIMON combines your strategy with machine learning for outperformance

Meet PSIMON, our machine-learning engine built specifically for the shifting realities of financial markets, designed to be adaptable to a wide range of investment strategies. We’ll work with you to teach PSIMON your unique mandate, explain your factors, introduce your data sources… PSIMON will go to work learning how your strategy behaves in different market environments. 

The result? The right trades, at the right time.

Are you sure you can’t time the market?

It’s an age-old belief that’s only partly true.
PSIMON's probabilistic engine may surprise you.

PSIMON is neither a crystal ball, nor some high-frequency, to-the-millisecond trading engine; instead, it offers a probabilistic model of the short and medium-term future… leading to long-term outperformance. 

We leave Fund Managers free to design great strategies, while PSIMON focuses on delivering well-timed, predictive trade ideas.

Portfolio AI, built right.

A recent study by Refinitiv showed that 72% of firms were disappointed with the performance of their Quant and Machine Learning tools during COVID.

We’re not surprised; we know that building Portfolio AI is challenging. That’s why we spent more than 6 years developing PSIMON: to give asset managers access to institutional-grade AI, without incurring the risks and costs of building solutions in-house. 

Talk to us about powering your strategies with PSIMON.

AI to Drive Your Fund's Performance

In a 2020 Prequin study, hedge funds using machine learning outperformed their peers by more than 45% over 3 and 5 year periods.
PSIMON can help your funds outperform while managing risk.

Recognize Change & Adjust Course

Unlike simple machine learning algorithms, PSIMON was designed from the ground up to recognize market regime changes, both fast and slow. It knows that sometimes, tomorrow’s markets will behave very differently than today’s.

Meet PSIMON: Institutional-Grade AI, tailored to your strategy

We built PSIMON to offer institutions a tailored AI approach to their strategies; an alternative to the expensive — and risky — challenge of building custom, in-house AI solutions.

PSIMON is an adaptable platform, offering you the same predictive insights used by the world’s most elite hedge funds and institutions. PSIMON is the product of over 6 years of development, working with top academic researchers, data-science labs, software engineers and financial experts.